Alaska Travel: North to the Future

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An Alaska cruise is a once in a lifetime vacation for many lucky travelers. The marine life is abundant, the glaciers are phenomenal, and the natural beauty of the Alaskan countryside cannot be beat. I had the pleasure of Alaska travel when I was a teenager as well as visiting the Pacific Northwest more recently in 2011, and while times have changed the majesty of the Alaskan landscape remains.

The first time I had the joy of Alaska travel, I was 16. For someone from the Southwest, seeing the expanse of a living glacier for the first time is pretty sensational (though, after a while, you will start to see them one after another as there are a lot of glaciers in Alaska). The diverse wildlife of Alaska is also extraordinary; my Alaskan vacation was the first time I saw a moose, marmot and grizzly bear.

One of my most memorable experiences was sitting on a glacier ridge, with glacier on one side and valley on the other, admiring the natural state of Alaska. Quite surprisingly, a bald eagle flew 10 feet directly above my head. The eagle’s wingspan seemed to be as long as I was and the wind current it created as it flew over me was a force that shook my ease on the precipice. It was all at once scary, fantastic, and inspiring; a moment I will never forget.

On my original visit, I was traveling by land with my family, but we found an opportunity to take a day Alaska cruise tour of Resurrection Bay which is just north of the Inside Passage. This area is near Seward which is a popular fishing port. On my return visit to the region, almost two decades later, I found great Alaska cruise deals of the Inside Passage offered by larger cruise ships. These Alaskan cruises allow visitors to have a week to see the sights the islands off the Pacific coast of Alaska have to offer; especially the islands just south of Glacier Bay Park and Wilderness in the Alaskan Panhandle.

While cruising the Pacific coast of Alaska and British Columbia I saw orcas, puffins, sea lions, seals, and even humpback and gray whales. Some Alaska cruise deals will safely get you up close and personal with glaciers and much of the water inhabitants and it is a great thrill to be intimate with the life the Alaska coast proliferates. The Inside Passage is very alive, even the glaciers impress travelers with the life they spring forth and loose as chunks of ice break into the ocean.


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